What are the problems of modern medicine?

Lack of knowledge

Rescuer arriving on the place of accident knows nothing about the injured persion.
And very often that person is unconcious

Running time

After the accident the most important are first 4 minutes.

Many injured

In case of more peolpe being injured rescuer doesn't know who to help first because he doesn't know their life parameters.


Knowledge about the patients should be avaible from distance.
Thanks to our system the only thing the doctor have to do to see all of important information about the injured is look at him.

Access to ICE Profile

Information about name, blood group, diseases, taken medicines and contact person

Fast triage

Informations which person needs help immediatly

Basic lifes parameters

Such as blood pressure, pulse or temperature

More effective first aid

Thanks to this information first aid is faster and simpler.

Our solution

Augmented Reality app

Dedicated to the rescuer, AR glasses let him see all of important informations about the injureds and rescue operation.

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Your Health Point app

Created for everyone stores all ICE informations and datas from the smartband. In case of danger app sends everything to the Azure cloud.

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Smart band / UHF tag

Smart band collect vital life parameters and send them to mobile app Your Health Point. If you don't need this information, just keep your UHF tag thanks which you can be identificated by rescuer.

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Watch our presentation

Final of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018


We want to generate income only on AR app.

Mobile App

  • ICE Profile
  • Fall Detector
  • Emergency SMS with GPS position
  • AI controls life parameters
  • Fitness parameters


  • Injured identification
  • Simple use
  • Invisible under watch / smartphone
  • Widely available
  • Doesn't need power


  • Basic life parameters for rescuer
  • Collect fitness data for user
  • Trendy gadget
  • Injured identification
  • Common devices


Are the most important


life parameters


the most important information


peoples love
our idea

Our Team

Our team has name Code Hussar. We connect passion, hard work and fun to make our world better, safer place.
We study cryptology and cybersecurity at the Military University Technology in Warsaw.


AR developer

Gabriela Anna

AI developer


Software/JS developer



Watch Our Intro video

This few minutes demo contains all you need to understand our system ;)

Our way

After winning Imagine Hack in January we created a prototype of uor system, we researched the market and run consultation. After we get second place in Imagine Cup we are working on build a full system, find investors and implement our brainchild into the emergency system.

Contact With us

Kaliskiego 2, Warsaw, Poland

Phone: (+48 724 692 649)